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Chris Patey

“It was great collaborating with Patti and Lisa on edits for both my website and printed portfolio. After years of doing my own editing I was starting to feel stuck with watered down edits. Patti and Lisa were a great solution to get a fresh take on the work I had. We dissected several different versions of the edit until we found something that we all LOVED and represented who I am as a photographer.”


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Allan Fis


“After so many years of working for foreign clients I needed help reediting my images for the US market. Patti + Lisa were a wonderful choice. Our ideas were well aligned and a perfect fit. They were very efficient and down to business.  The new website is everything I wanted it to be, they were worth every penny. Thank you.”


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Philip Harvey

“I was getting bogged down with editing and selecting images and image pairings to update my print portfolio and decided to call in Patti & Lisa for advice.

I sent them a PDF in process and they promptly got back to me with suggestions and changes and edits. They really helped me to tighten up, polish, and reorganize my portfolio. I am looking forward to having them do the same for my website”


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Cassie Stiltner

"Patti's knowledge and skill directing my brand and images was indispensable.  Have you ever tried to go through your ENTIRE catalogue of images and find just the right one for a portfolio? It's overwhelming.  I loved having her valuable skill helping me to craft my portfolio in an eye-catching and meaningful way. "